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Max Oertz 2015, 29.05.2015Max Oertz 2015_2, 30.05.201512mR Anita in NeustadtRendezvous der Klassiker, Kiel 2015R&B Sterling Cup 2015, 12mR European ChampionshipR&B Sterling Cup 2015, alphabetisch, alphabeticallyHamburg Summer Classics 2015, SonntagsbilderGerman Classics 2015, all pix except the 12 metersHamburg Summer Classics 2015, Selection of 75Kongelig Classic 1855, 28./  29.08.2015Flensburger Regatta 2015German Classics 2015_12mrMax Oertz Regatta 2016, SatMax Oertz Regatta2016, Fri Anita and a mixed bagHolzboot Regatta NRV 2016Rendezvous der Klassiker, Kiel 2016Hamburg Summer Classics 2016, 93er SerieGerman Classics 2016, 44(FRI) plus 94(SAT) pixKongelig Classic 2016Flensburger Regatta 2016Teamrace FKY vs GOD-Class 2016R&B Sterling Cup 2016. 12meters in alphabetical order, 5.5mIC, 22 sqm skerry cruisersMax Oertz Regatta 2017, Sat : Names of the ships in alphabetical orderMax Oertz Regatta 2017, Fri: Names of the ships in alphabetical orderRendezvous 2017, A few 12 meters and some other classical yachtsMax-Oertz-Regatta 2018, FridayMax-Oertz-Regatta 2018, Saturday